How to choose supermarket shelves? quietly tell you a way

Put the product on the cardboard box and throw it up, um, this is the goods on the ground; put it in a packaging bag and put it on the small counter, hey, this product looks pretty good; this is the so-called people rely on clothes, and products rely on cabinets~ Today, let’s talk about how supermarket products are mounted on supermarket shelves?

supermarket shelves are indispensable display props in supermarkets. In addition to their basic display functions, the differences in shelf styles also have an intangible impact on the appearance of products and the buying experience of consumers. The effect of increasing the sales of supermarket goods cannot be ignored.

Selection of Supermarket Shelves:

Common supermarket shelves materials on the market include: iron shelves, steel shelves, and steel-wood shelves.

The iron supermarket shelves is made of ordinary iron material, which is cheap, but the quality is average, and it is easy to rust, which affects the service life.

The steel supermarket shelves are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel, which is wear-resistant, long-lived, and moderately priced, but the display effect of supermarket shelves is average.

The main frame of the steel-wood frame is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the back plate, the layer plate and the side plate are all made of wooden plate, which is beautiful and practical, and the overall is more high-end, and the display effect of the product is better.

supermarket shelves

Supermarket Shelves Category Display

Of course, the specific material to choose needs to be selected according to the actual situation, and the one that suits you is the best! Style choice: The types of products sold in supermarkets are roughly divided into three categories: fresh, food, and non-food.

It is then classified according to its subdivision: fresh food is divided into vegetables, refined meat, aquatic products, cooked food, refrigerated food, frozen food, tobacco, alcohol and beverages, leisure food, prepared food, condiments, and non-food products.

It can be further divided into personal care, cultural toys, prepared food and condiments. Clothing, household appliances, household appliances, maternity and baby products, etc.

Different categories of goods are also particular about the selection of supermarket shelves. This is a test of the product design capabilities of shelf manufacturers.

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