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Changzhida Rack is a professional engaged in supermarket shelves, storage equipment, store commercial display equipment industry experts, products have iron, wood, plastic system three main material series. Through the integration of modularization and customization, high-end stores give unlimited creative space, in order to provide a display scheme suitable for your brand identity. Our goal is to provide creative merchandising solutions and products to help you adapt to changing market needs.

Our Services

Save Time Managing Shelves
And Warehouse For Your Business

Store Design

If you are new to supermarket layout, Changzhida can help you design your store. Changzhida helps you get your new supermarket off the ground.

Cost Control

Changzhida will calculate and control the cost of all supermarket equipment, including supermarket shelves, display rack, checkout counters, etc.


Changzhida can provide full installation guidance for all products, and you can always contact us if you have any questions during the installation.

After Sales

Delivery of an order is not the end of the transaction. At Changzhida, we provide full after-sale tracking service. You can trust us at any time.

Don’t hesitate, contact us for better help and services.

Product Category

One-Stop Supermarket euqipment Supplier

metal supermarket shelves

Supermarket equipment

Changzhida supermarket equipments including rack in rack, supermarket shelves, display rack, steel & wooden shelves, fruit & vegetable rack.

shopping basket - Changzhida Supermarket equipments

Shopping basket

Looking for basket for shopping? Changzhida have almost everything, you can choose between shopping baskets with and without wheels.

shopping cart

Shopping Cart

Get the latest Changzhida shopping cart, American style, Germany style, Europe style…anything you want and even shopping cart for kid. 

counter - Changzhida Supermarket equipments

Checkout Counter

Changzhida has checkout counters of all shapes, sizes and functionality for any supermarket or store, from grocery to supermarket.

locker - Changzhida Supermarket equipments


Wholesale supermarket lockers on Changzhida are practical and affordable. They will play a huge role in enhancing the customer shopping experience.

supermarket turnstile - Changzhida Supermarket equipments

Supermarket turnstile

Supermarket turnstile is specially used for the entrance and exit of large supermarkets. The length of the wing rod of the turnstile can be customized.

british supermarket shelves

Warehouse Racking

Well warehouse racking can accelerate warehouse operations. Proper warehouse racking can optimize warehouse organization and efficiency.

storage trolley - Changzhida Supermarket equipments

Warehouse trolley

Changzhida warehouse trolley are packed with exciting innovations that make luggage movement easy and seamless to achieve. Made with sturdy materials.

fhlu03 - Changzhida Supermarket equipments

About Us

We Are One-Stop Retail Display Solution Partner

Changzhida is an industry expert specializing in supermarket display equipment, storage equipment and commercial display equipment for specialty stores, with three major material series: iron, wood and plastic. We are a group of companies, Changzhida is our production enterprise, Shenghzhen import and export company is mainly responsible for the import and export business. Through the integration of modularity and customization, we give high-end stores unlimited creative space to provide display solutions that fit your brand positioning. Our goal is to provide creative merchandising solutions and products to help you adapt to the ever-changing market demand.

Feature Product

The most popular products in the market

Changzhida Rack

display rack

Regular shelves

Changzhida Rack

supermarket racks shelves

Steel&wood shelves

Changzhida Rack

china supermarket shelves

Pallet Rack

Changzhida Rack

kids shopping cart

Shopping Cart

Changzhida Rack

hotsale5 - Changzhida Supermarket equipments

Checkout counter

Changzhida Rack

hot6 - Changzhida Supermarket equipments

Shopping Basket

Changzhida Rack

Yupai Feature 7 - Changzhida Supermarket equipments

promotion table

Changzhida Rack

fhlu03 - Changzhida Supermarket equipments

Four-post racking

Impressive Projects

We Have Build Stable Partner Ship With 1000+ Supermarkets Over The World

See what projects Changzhida has helped our clients to complete.

Stable Customers

We have 1000+ stable customers worldwide

Changzhida has helped support thousands of businesses worldwide achieve great products through our specialized manufacturing solution. We do our best to help our clients go above and beyond and exceed expectations that ultimately satisfies their customers!

supermarket stacking shelves
supermarket shelves
supermarket shelves
c03f349a 20a7 4991 8efd 6509998d8439 - Changzhida Supermarket equipments
supermarket shelves

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