Features of 3 different material supermarket shelves

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, most people now choose to go to the supermarket to buy the items they need.

The procurement of supermarket shelves is an important link before supermarket operation, which will have a great impact on whether the supermarket can open smoothly.

shelves not only have a variety of styles, but also have many materials, but generally only iron shelves, steel shelves, and steel and wooden shelves are used.

Since there are many materials for supermarket shelves, the different materials what are the characteristics?

Iron supermarket shelves

Made of ordinary iron, the price is cheap but the quality is average, and it is very easy to rust, which affects the use time.

Steel supermarket shelves

Refined from good cold-rolled steel, it is anti-wear, and has a long service life. At the same time, the purchase price is moderate, but the effect of Beijing supermarket shelf placement is average.

supermarket shelves

Steel wooden supermarket shelves

The main frame is made of good cold-rolled steel, and the back panel, laminate, and side panels are all well-chosen wooden panels, which combine beauty and use, making the whole look taller, but the price is more expensive.

shelves are very important display props in supermarkets. In addition to carrying goods, they can also promote the sales of goods and create more profits for supermarket operations.

explanation of shelf from Wikipedia

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