3 advantages of choosing steel & wooden shelves in supermarkets

steel & wooden shelves are more and more used in supermarkets, food stores, famous smoke and famous hotels, maternal and child stores, stationery stores, etc. due to the variety of wood grain choices and their elegant appearance.

What are the advantages? Below, the editor of Suzhou fame and fortune shelf will discuss it with you~

Compared with the coldness of traditional shelves, steel & wooden shelves are more gentle and powerful

Due to the combination of steel and wood, the color of the wood grain and the color of the steel structure can be freely matched, not only the display effect is better, but also because the wood texture is closer to nature, soft and environmentally friendly, it is easier for customers to enter the store for consumption.

The icy shape of traditional shelves is abandoned, and traditional shelves have less color matching and are limited by spraying requirements. Shelves of different colors need to be sprayed in batches, which causes inconvenience in processing.

steel & wooden shelves

Steel and wood shelves can better highlight the storefront characteristics

steel & wooden shelves are widely used in boutique convenience stores. The shelves are the first image customers face after entering the store, and the positioning of the shelves is related to the positioning of the store.

Just like traditional shopping malls and supermarkets, the color and style of the shelves are basically monotonous.

It is mainly white, and the structure and size are basically fixed, because the main purpose of supermarket shelves in shopping malls is to display, and the main purpose of customers to go to supermarkets for consumption is cheap prices.

For other merchants in the mall, whether it is a restaurant or clothing, the style and color of each store will be different, because the shelves represent the overall temperament of a store, especially supermarkets, if the style and color of the shelves are like supermarket shelves, customers will The overall feeling and evaluation of the store must not be too high, because people pay more attention to external performance, and a high-quality steel and wood shelf gives people the feeling that ordinary shelves cannot bring.

steel & wooden shelves have a longer service life

With the development of the maternity and baby industry, the replacement of shelves is also accelerating.

When people pay more attention to the hardware standards of the store and have higher requirements for the store, the advantages of steel & wooden shelves are reflected. The business cycle is very long.

If the style and color of the shelves cannot keep up with the requirements of the times, it is easy to be ignored by discerning customers.

The choice of shelves determines the future business process to avoid being abandoned by the times, reducing the number of shelves due to the Possibility of obsolete styles and faster updates.

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