How to make a good drawing of a shopping cart?

Making a Drawing of a shopping cart is no easy task. It requires accuracy and detail that is not easily done by hand. Luckily, in today’s world of technology, drawing a shopping cart with the help of a computer can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. In this blog article, I am going to share with you how to create a shopping cart using a variety of software programs.

What is a shopping cart?

A shopping cart is a large, wheeled container that is used to carry goods in a store. It is usually pushed by a person.

Making a Drawing of a shopping cart, start by sketching the basic shape of the cart on your paper. Next, add the details such as the wheels and handles. Finally, add any decorations or details that you want.

How to make a drawing of a shopping cart

To draw a shopping cart, start by sketching out a simple circle. Draw the top of the cart with a slightly higher curve than the bottom, and make sure the wheelbase is wide enough to fit all of your groceries. Next, add in the handles and tilt the cart so that it looks like it’s about to take off. Finally, add in the basket and any other details you might want to include. This easy to follow tutorial will help you draw a simple shopping cart in no time.

The shopping cart’s design is cute, simple, and also has a lot of potential for your imagination. This tutorial will show you how to draw a shopping cart step by step. Start with a simple sketch of the top and bottom of the shopping cart before continuing on to the handle and wheels. The tires are drawn next followed by the details such as the basket. Last but not least, it’s added on that there is a bag hanging on top of the shopping cart which makes this drawing even more realistic.

Once you have your paper cut out, trace around it to make two smaller pieces of paper. These are going to be the front and back of the shopping cart. Once you have cut out all four pieces of paper, take your scissors and begin working on the handle. Make a short line to mark one side of the handle.

Then, make a few small cuts in each end to form the handle shape. Do this to both sides of the handle so that it has four sections.Next is drawing the wheels that go around the rim of your shopping cart. The wheels are simple in design, but are still drawn with accuracy as they rotate on their axle. Working on a particular side, draw four small lines connecting each wheel at its top and bottom ends. These lines will be used later to create texture on each wheel rim.

Once you are done with drawing these lines, make a few cuts at the vertices of each line. These cuts allow you to create the texture in the wheel’s rim. Once all four wheels are complete, draw a circle with a diameter half that of one of your wheels and add it to the cart as shown below.Finally, it is time to create your shopping cart handles!

This part may be tricky so pay attention! You need to draw two lines that connect at each point on your handle, but opposite sides of it. Repeat this step for all four handles and you will have an accurate shopping cart handle. The texture is created by cutting along the lines that connect opposite sides of each handle.Once you have finished making these parts, take them out of your drawing and start to assemble them like shown in the photo below.

You can now place your handle on top of the cart and have you practically done! If you’re wanting to make this project more realistic, you could add a small wire basket under your shopping cart. The more realism, the better! Have fun with this tutorial and I hope you find it helpful!

How to draw the wheels of a shopping cart

To draw a shopping cart, start by sketching the basic shape of the cart on your paper. Next, add the wheels to the sketch. The first wheel should be located at the bottom of the sketch, and the second wheel should be located above it. Make sure that the wheels are properly sized and shaped before you create them. Once you have finished drawing the wheels, continue to draw the rest of the cart’s body.

To create the body of the shopping cart, begin by drawing a rectangle on your paper. This rectangle will represent the cart’s body and its width should be twice its height. Next, add a series of curves to this rectangle to create its shape. Be sure to make sure that these curves are symmetrical around all four sides of the cart. Finally, add details to this design such as handles and a top surface.

Once you have finished drawing your shopping cart, you can finish up by adding some color and lightening effects to give it a more realistic appearance.

Which tutorial was your favorite and why?

I really enjoyed the tutorial on how to draw a shopping cart in steps. The steps were easy to follow and it was great to see how each step was connected to the previous step. I also really liked how the tutorial included instructions for both male and female characters. This is an important aspect that helps when drawing people. I think this is also a great way to start your career as an artist because it shows you what to draw and what not to draw.


Whether you’re a graphic designer, illustrator, or just need a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a drawing of a shopping cart in steps, check out our guide below! By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to create an effective shopping cart design that will look great no matter what platform or template you choose to use. So let’s get started!

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